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Computer Virus


Computer Virus Presentation

Virus… who doesn’t know with this word, all people, especially computer users would know this one said, they even become one of the victims of his ferocity. Bored, bored, annoyed, angry to be a unity that was felt by us when they hear the words “VIRUS” especially for those who have become infected, especially if the data they made powerless (deleted) by the virus.

One of the problems that often arise in talking about viruses is the problem of the term, ordinary people often confused with terms of viruses such as a macro viruses, boot viruses, worms, trojans and hoaxes. This problem  is caused the development of  virus is rapidly so that needs some definitions for representating these terms so will not make confusing for users. Therefore, in this opportunity we will explain about the definition of viruses, characteristics of long-lived viruses and various categories of  viruses.

A. Virus History

Based history, beginning of virus around in 1949, where a group of mathematical research expert researched a program called SelfAltering Automata. The theory was stated by John Von Neuman.

Around in 1960, expert at Bell labs (AT & T) examined that theory idly to a game. Essentially,  they made a program that can reproduce itself and destroyed the enemy program. The program that can survive and destroy another programs is the winner. However, they knew the dangers of this game, and made extra supervision and full attention security. In 1980, the security was collapsed.  Finally, virus program came out of the laboratory. Some people though,the collapse was caused by an assistant professor named Fred Cohen. However, there was also assumption, that the virus had  “escaped” from the laboratory before Fred Cohen expose it. Which is right ? But one thing is certain, “syndrome”  has  spread and familiar with computer users and may not be a prison from the computer users and where there is computers will  there is viruses.

B. Virus Definitions

Virus can be definited is a program that has ability to reproduce itself and infect other programs by changing the infected programs or location of programs where the activation of infected program automatically opens the way for the multiplication of the viruses.

Most of viruses damage, but not all, there are also some computer viruses just show messages or just jazz up the cyber world, although virus are trouble maker that will certainly bother and have to be alerted because the VM (the virus maker ) usually will make more than one variants of which would be more dangerous than the previous variants.

C. The characteristics of long-lived virus

In order to be long-lived virus and be able to infect effectively, generally, viruses have following criteria :

1. Small size

More smaller size of a file, time and place required by viruses to breed become smaller so that automatically, viruses will infect more widely, you can imagine if the virus has a size 1 MB will take more time to duplicate into the computer system target.

2. Worm [active without human intervention]

If the virus requires human intervention for activation, then this way will  prohibit of infection.Therefore need a program [virus] which can activate itself without human intervention or using of a particular security gap [security hole] so it can infect rapidly.

3. Not too danger/ unkill infect agent

Asking whether you are more afraid of CIH virus, or with the Nimda virus, the answer you are likely to be afraid of CIH virus that will destroy the hard disk and motherboard, but in another case that more danger viruses and capable of destroying hard drives never live long and disable to infect widely, it’s caused when the virus destroying the hard disk, indirectly it’s also will be broken and disable to infect anymore. CIH virus that destroys hard disk data still exist because of low understanding awareness of important security data from computer users.

4. Creative and scrupulous

One of creativities evidence can produce widely viruses infecion is Annakournikova virus. This virus maker doesn’t have high programming skills such as Magistr viruses maker and making viruses from the software maker virus (kalamar) created by anothers.

But because of the scrupulous, think that the majority of computer users will be interested in petenis jelita and Anna Kournikova will not distrust to click on attachments “Jpg” disguised as an image file. And attachment is actually a program file that will immediately activate the virus.

5. Innovative

Innovative virus able to infect freely and have long life, because to create the anti-virus from a new innovation takes a long time, while the virus will continue to infect. For examples of innovation in virus is Bubbleboy, which for the first time takes advantage of Outlook Express program security crack for activation.

D. Category of Viruses

Based on ability of viruses in infecting can be categorized :

1. Virus

The virus is a binary file that must be enabled by humans to infect. It can be programmed to perform several commands such as damage / delete files, display some annoying messages, or both. The virus never infect to other systems automatically.

2. Worm

The basic difference between dad worm and virus is worm can infect to another system automatically, so doesn’t need human intervention, worm can infect by itself. For example, Nimda worm can infect one network computer, in a short  time  it will infect to all computers in the network automatically.

3. Trojan Horse

Trojan horse program can contain commands to delete files or reformat the hard disk, but in generally trojan horse programs are used to hack computer security and taking remote computer control  or steal important data such as password, credit card name or company confidential files. The most popular of trojan horse programs are BackOrifice and BackOrifice 2000.

Trojan horses can not infect  automatically and usually work furtively and trying not to affect the existing system,  worms if infect the computer will reveal the activities clearly and sometimes stop or destroy the computer that have been infected.

4. Hoax (lies about viruses)

Hoax actually  is not a virus but rather accurately called  lie news about viruses. It’s will come in email which contents inform  to a computer users  to delete certain files are suspected of being harmful viruses (which is the file name is strange and suspicious), and the suggestions followed by ordinary computer users with “some” sense of gratitude to those who has “kindly” forward valuable information to him.

After the investigation proved the original file is from the windows and if removed will affect the windows, then this gratitude into resentment and upset because it was deleting the file  (after deleting also clear from the Recycle Bin). Unfortunately , the virus cleverly use this opportunity to manipulate him and came in an email with file attachments that when run not cure the disease on to your computer but the virus.

Based on the target of infection.

Viruses is divided into 6 differences type include:

1. Virus Files

The virus files infect file program and able to infect over a network.

2. Macro Virus

Macro virus is a virus is made using MS Office macro program. Virus usually will attempt to infect Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word files and not only infect data, the virus infect over a network.

3. Boot Virus

Boot virus is a virus that infect boot sector hard disk or floppy disk and can not infect over the network (at now), usually more of this virus attacks Windows  operating systems nine times, however these viruses will also continue  trying to attack the operating system more than nine times.

4. Multipartite Virus

Multipartite virus is a virus that has ability to infect with methods such as program files, boot sectors and networks.

5. Polymorphic virus

Polymorphic virus will change the code itself when passing on a different machine, theoretically this virus type is more difficult to be detected by antivirus scanners.

6. Stealth virus

This virus hides itself by making an infected file was not infected, but the virus of this type are rarely able to cope with the latest antivirus scanner.


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